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Reaction Board and Shooter Tutor Pro customers will receive exclusive access to a Pavel Datsyuk demonstration video (full 6 minute video complete with dozens more drills).
Due to a significant increase in steel prices, we have suspended ordering any further Shooter Tutor Pro’s – this item is currently out of inventory.

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Screen-shot-2014-12-09-at-8.39.56-AM-1024x708The goal of the Pavel Datsyuk Signature Series – Shooter Tutor Pro, is to provide the highest quality, effective training device for athletes to improve and perfect their offensive zone shooting skills. Our device is designed to train the shooter to deliver pucks to the upper & interior perimeter of the hockey goal frame and above butterfly positioned goalie pads. It is a great compliment to hockey practices, drop-in hockey or “stick & puck” sessions!

As part of your purchase of these products you will gain exclusive access to video footage of skill development drills coaches and teams can utilize to achieve great results: demonstrated by Pavel Datsyuk.

In addition, the following are great benefits:

For the coach:

  • Provides an important on-ice teaching aid
  • Allows evaluation of shot accuracy
  • Game situation applications
  • Trains great play in competitive games
  • A positive corrective tool to compliment video review
  • Reduces goalie “wear & tear”

Addressing the player needs:

  • Increases shot confidence
  • Improves shot selection
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination
  • Angle changing shot options by lateral shifting of the ShooterTutor
  • Stationary or off the rush applications
  • Counters the “butterfly” goalie positioning

Screen shot 2015-01-16 at 8.35.33 AM
Constructed out of 9 gauge upper frame and 7 gauge ice rail and comes standard with Pro Series XL 4.5 mm netting, the shooter tutor pro weighs approximately 40 pounds. Its patent pending design fits on NHL standard goal frames allowing for install, positioning and removal within seconds, giving coaches unbelievable flexibility for drill variation and puck retrieval. Our Shooter Tutor Pro is a perfect training device for ice arenas, youth hockey associations, college or junior teams, as well as professional teams.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 76 × 51 × 2 in
Product Information

Made in America, our device is constructed of 1 – Head Assembly, 2 – 9 gauge steel side rails, 1 – 7 gauge ice rail and comes standard with Pro Series XL 4.5 mm netting. Combining quality craftsmanship with an innovative design, the Bar Down Shooter Tutor Pro is strong enough to withstand the hardest shots!