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Reaction Board and Shooter Tutor Pro customers will receive exclusive access to a Pavel Datsyuk demonstration video (full 6 minute video complete with dozens more drills).

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The goal of the Pavel Datsyuk Signature Series Reaction Board is to create realistic touches of the puck for players of all levels and skill abilities. Used as an on-ice training tool, the board helps perfect the player’s offensive zone puck skills (rebounds, shooting, digging pucks) and defensive zone puck reactions (retrievals, collecting pucks, blocking).

Combining the Reaction Board with a Pavel Datsyuk Signature Series Shooter Tutor Pro will create the ultimate learning environment with endless practice drill variations.

As part of your purchase of these products you will gain exclusive access to video footage of skill development drills coaches and teams can utilize to achieve great results: demonstrated by Pavel Datsyuk.

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