Bar Down Shooter Tutor

The goal of Bar Down Shooter Tutor is to provide the highest quality, effective training device for athletes to improve and perfect their offensive zone shooting skills. Our device is designed to train the shooter to deliver pucks to the upper & interior perimeter of the hockey goal frame and above butterfly positioned goalies pads. It is a great compliment to a hockey practices, drop-in hockey or “stick & puck” sessions! barConstructed out of 9 gauge upper frame and 7 gauge ice rail and comes standard with 3mm black netting, this shooter tutor weighs approximately 40 pounds. Its patent pending design fits on NHL standard goal frames allowing for install, positioning and removal within seconds, giving coaches unbelievable flexibility for drill variation and puck retrieval. The Bar Down Shooter Tutor is a perfect training device for ice arenas, youth hockey associations, college or junior teams, as well as, professional leagues and teams. CLICK HERE to place your order today!

Bar Down Flyer